Jesus’ Unexpected Family Tree

A New Advent Resource

Jesus’ Unexpected Family Tree is a countdown calendar for the season of Advent. It anticipates the most important birthday of the year. All the people in Jesus’ family tree and all their stories point us to how great the need was for Immanuel to come and be with us. So at Christmas, when you are celebrating Jesus’ birth into a human family, remember how unexpected this was for God to choose these people and be in their family. 

As you look at Jesus’ family tree throughout the month and see all the broken people in it, remember that God is painting you a picture that says, “I want to be near you. I want you so much that I will step into the mess with you and rescue you.”

The book includes 25 ornaments
 that can be colored, cut, and hung on the tree in anticipation of Jesus’ birthday.



The Story behind the book

Read the story of how this project idea came to be here.  

Take a tour through the book

Art is a heavy theme in the book.  God is the Grand Artist who takes the uglyand broken to make something beautiful.

The hardest part of this entire book was taking all the beautiful things you find in a Bible story and focusing it down to one theme, one paragraph.  Lorena took the thoughts and pictures floating all over my papers and caught them, creating one beautiful picture of our amazing God.

There is also a template in the back of the book for Christmas tree ornaments.  Cut out the front and back circle then glue them together over a string or ribbon. You can put one ornament on your tree everyday of December to countdown the days to Jesus’ birthday.   I can send out a free pdf of the ornaments to use in your home as well.