Old World Brass Ornaments

The Kristin Company est. 1972

Kristin Kjorlaug began The Kristin Company in 1972 with her first few ornament designs chemically etched in brass.

Over the next decade they added dozens and dozens of designs and even hired other artists to help.  These ornaments were sold all over Minnesota and even in high end department stores.  It was becoming a tradition for families to order a dated ornament each year.  She stopped producing in 1987 when they wanted to travel and see the grandkids more.

I remember Grandma standing by her ornate Christmas tree pointing to ornaments and fondly telling us about each one.  I wish I had written down all the stories.

My favorites were her snowflakes.

Snowflake-1972 (1)

Most had dates on them, but some did not.

The KK is how you know if it was designed by her.

Here are the designs that I am selling this year and I believe most are undated.

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